Shared Grid Performance Degradation

Dear Customer,

We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our hypervisors which is affecting several shared hosting systems. Engineers have been alerted and are investigating the issue.  We are upgrading the hardware and infrastructure of the shared platform.

Engineers are on site replacing Hardware parts of the Hypervisor. We expect system performance to revert back to normal within the next 120 mins as we start re-instating the Virtual servers one by one.


Dear Customer,


We have just completed the upgrade of our Grid architecture by replacing the faulty (new) SSD disk with RAID on all the hypervisor servers at EN1 and moved all the web servers to this solid state array. The out-of-the-box hardware failure meant the task took more than expected time, which resulted in several servers fluctuating during the day.


The effect on the shared hosting Grid was minimal but Semi dedicated and Vorlon-W3 were directly affected and we apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Due to the way CF works this is likely to have created an unfortunate knock on effect on other ‘unaffected’ ColdFusion sites not using MySQL by causing hanging requests as sites become queued and then timeout.


Tonight we are undergoing Unscheduled Maintenance to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The work will involve moving all the shared (Grid) MSSQL and MySQL database servers over the network to new Hypervisor hardware and SSD disks. The process will be initiated 6:30 PM GMT and we expect it to be completed in 3 hours as we start re-instating the Virtual servers one by one.


Update : March 27, 2015 at 9:45 AM

We have moved all shared web and database servers to new hypervisor to get high disk I/O performance. We have tested website, ColdFusion, FTP and SQL services and everything is working fine.

Thank you for your patience during servers’ moving process and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused due to unplanned outage.

SemiD-Win-Web1 Server Schedule Maintenance


We will be installing some much-required security updates on one of our shared servers. This will necessitate a restart after completion. Unfortunately, this also means that servers and services hosted on the server will also be affected. We would not be performing this exercise unless absolutely necessary.

We will then move this shared server to our latest hypervisor server.

This will be taking place on today 10:00 AM (GMT) and services will be down or show intermittent errors for 1-2 hours after.

We appreciate your patience and we will update further if there are any issues.



We had tried to move the server to another location, but it failed as it was required to change/update firewall policies. We have configured all required policies in firewall and performed the prerequisites that required to move the server.

We will move the server this evening, after business hours and will update the blog when done.

Your account controls have moved

This week we finally relocated our main customer account and billing management system to a new home.

In the past referred to as WHMCS, after the makers of the software, we have now implemented HP Billing as the newly branded back end system with more features and controls to help you get the most out of the services we deliver to you. Using HP Billing you can add or remove services, update your contact and billing information and lookup VPN and server access passwords (dedicated customers only).


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.41.39


To log into your client area please visit the following URL: and log in with your usual username and password. If you are experiencing any difficulties with this please dont hesitate to contact the support team who will be happy to help.

SSL Certificate Transparency

The beginning of this month saw the enforcement of a Certificate Transparency (CT) initiative by Google to log, audit and monitor certificates that CAs have issued. The idea behind this is to create a public log of all SSL certificates allowing a domain owner to monitor the log for the issuance of certificates on any domain they own.

From February 2015 Google Chrome will no longer show the Green address bar for EV certificates that do not appear in a public CT log. *The following FAQ applies to Geotrust, Thawte and Symantec EV Certificates.


The Green Address Bar – How do these changes affect my existing EV SSL Certificates?

For EV certificates that have already been issued by Geotrust, Thawte and Symantec the details for external certificates will have been automatically appended to the CT log by December 2014.
What is the difference between external and internal EV certificates?

Customers with issued EV certificates that are only used within private networks and not accessible from the public interne will not be automatically published to the public CT logs. Owners of internal EV certificates must contact Loudex support asking to opt-in. If your EV Certificates are publicly accessible you do not need to do anything. Geotrust, Thawte and Symantec will automatically publish the details of your EV certificates to a public CT log by the end of December 2014. For other providers you need to refer to their support channels.


Can I opt-out of adding my certificate to the CT log?

No. This will be automatic to ensure continuation of your Green Address Bar. However sometime after December 2014 we will provide customers with the ability to enable or disable publication of the certificate during enrollment, replacement or renewal.
What information will the public CT log hold?

The common name, subject alternative names, organization information, the issuer’s name, serial number, dates, extensions and any intermediate certificates in the chain.


What if I don’t enable Certificate Transparency?

If you do not enable CT on your EV certificates then from February 2015 Google Chrome will no longer display the green address bar.


More information about Certificate Transparency: http://www.certificate‐


New pricing announcement for Windows Server Licenses

It’s that time of year again where the good old folks at Microsoft have let us get over our new year / wintery blues just in time for their latest announcement in what now appears to be an almost guaranteed twice yearly increase in Windows Server licenses.

Thankfully no other software has been increased and those on Windows Server Web edition will not be affected.

Price Increases

P71-01031 Windows Server Datacentre l/sa per processor increase of £11.25 each
P73-04837 Windows Server Standard    l/sa per processor increase of £ 2.27 each


For those customers whom we license this software on your behalf, these increases will take place with immediate effect and will be reflected on your next invoice.


5 days to go for HELM

Hello everyone

Just a quick note to let you know we now have only 5 days until the HELM control panel is being switched off for Good.

MIDNIGHT 31st January 2015.

Over the course of this week I will be joining the support team to contact the remaining customers to see what help you need to complete this migration before the deadline and so that we can help to ensure your service is not interrupted and that you maintain your hosting with us with the minimum hassle and fuss.

Look forward to talking to you soon!


Network Issues

We are currently experiencing some network issues which is causing connection issues to certain servers. we are investigating the issue and will have things back up ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


This issue is resolved at around 08:15 today. The cause has been identified as a routing issue in firewall. This affected web, mail, database and VPN services.

WebsitePanel Upgrade

As part of continuous improvement efforts to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of our infrastructure, we are going to upgrade our WebsitePanel to version 2.1.0. This will have more new features and also fixes few bugs with existing features.

Some of the New Features

New Updated Look

Enable/Disable Dynamic and Static Webpage Compression

Restart Website Application Pools

Change Website the Error Handling

Changing the Websites PHP version (Now includes PHP 5.6)

Improved Scheduled Tasks

Web Application Gallery updates and improvements

Support for Helicon Zoo


We are going to perform upgrade process after 4:30 PM (GMT) today. During upgrade process you will not be able to access the website panel. This will be taking almost 3-4 hours to complete the upgrade phase and testing phase.

We appreciate your patience and we will update further if there are any issues. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above schedule, please contact us as soon as possible.




We have successfully upgraded Website Panel to 2.1.0 without any issue. We have tested and everything is working fine. However, we are getting an integration issue between Website Panel and WHMCS. We are not able to sign up through WHMCS because it uses old Website Panel API. We will upgrade an API module in WHMCS to resolve it.

HELM Hosting servers to be turned off 31st Jan 2015

Please note that all legacy servers used by the HELM hosting control panel will be turned off on Jan 31st 2015. All websites and other services hosted on these servers will cease working after this date.

It has come to our attention that some customers have unfortunately completely mis-interpreted the HELM EOL announcements and think that we are no longer providing hosting services or that we are going out of business. Please rest assured that this is not the case, we are simply retiring our old legacy HELM systems, which we originally announced back in 2012. Other than this it is business as usual on our current hosting platform and we have no intention of going away any time soon, so don’t worry.

As per our previous announcements, the HELM hosting control panel reached  end of life (EOL)  on 31st December 2014 and has now been taken offline.
We have however allowed 1 additional month for the remaining stragglers to get their data downloaded and websites migrated over to our new system, and all the remaining legacy servers will be switched off at  the end of this month.
If you still need help in getting migrated then please open a support ticket.

Below is a full list of the servers that are being de-commissioned and turned off.

  • snakepit-h1 (helm control panel server)
  • babcom-h1 (Icewarp mail server)
  • garibaldi-h1 (stats server)
  • Vorlon-h1 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h2 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h3 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h4 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h5 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h6 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h7 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h8 (web Server)
  • Vorlon-h9 (web Server)
  • Vindrizi-h2 (dataabse server)
  • Vindrizi-h3 (dataabse server)
  • Vindrizi-h4 (dataabse server)
  • Vindrizi-h5 (dataabse server)
  • babcom-post1 (smtp relay server, already offline)
  • babcom-post2 (smtp relay server, already offline)


Firewall upgrade maintenance

As part of continuous improvement efforts to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of BlueThunder infrastructure, we are going to replace key data networking equipment on today, Jan-04-2015, Perimeter Firewall hardware will further enhance network reliability and security as well as significantly increase performance.

We will going to perform firewall upgrade maintenance work at 5:00 PM (GMT) today. During maintenance work, below listed service will be affected:

  • Website access
  • Email service
  • VPS Server access
  • And other hosting service

Maintenance work will be take time of 1-2 Hours. After that all services will be resume to serve the respected service to you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above schedule, please contact us as soon as possible.




We’ve revert back firewall with old one due to configurational mismatch in newer firewall hardware. We will resolve the issue and we will again schedule to replace the firewall during off peak hours.

All services are again online. We appreciate your patience.